Friday, April 26, 2013

BOTW #15 - Toro y Moi

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Imagine a mashup of MGMT's synthy effects, some funky Jamiroquai-esque grooves here and there, the offbeat-coolness of Frank Ocean, and some Imogen Heap vibes... what do you get? This week's BOTW: Toro Y Moi!

South Carolina native, Chazwick Bradley Bundick (coolest name ever), brings these hybrid sounds (often referred to as chillwave) to the electronic and synthpop world and they have definitely made their mark.

For the lucky few that were able to snag Sasquatch tickets, Toro will be there to grace the stages of the Gorge. For all the non-PNW kids, he is currently on tour in various locations around the world.  For everyone else, his records are totally ideal for the next time you decide to throw a hipster dance party.

Shout outs to @AdamFeldenkris for the request!

Bands I think Toro Y Moi should tour with...
2. M83
3. Passion Pit
4. Daft Punk
5. Grimes
6. Cut Copy 
7. Mayer Hawthorne
8. Empire of the Sun

Check out the single, "So Many Details," from his record, "Anything in Return":

Have a synth-tastic weekend, friends!

Peace, Love, & Rock n. Roll,

Friday, April 19, 2013

BOTW #14 - The Lashes

This week's BOTW spotlight is on a native Seattle band, The Lashes. Forming in 2000, they quickly took the local music scene by storm. Along with constant local shows and tours, they have released two EPs and a full length record.

The Lashes's one and only full length record, "Get It" (2006), was literally the soundtrack throughout my entire high school career. "Get It" is an album that I know front to back, and track to track. It is the album you turn on if you want some good ole rock n' roll karaoke! The band shows listeners that they are more than capable of writing a solid power-poprock tune through their contagious melodies, classic rock inspired guitars, and expert weaving of synthesizers and The Killers-eque organs.

The Lashes are for listeners of:
1. Hot Hot Heat
2. Weezer
3. Kaiser Chiefs
4. Phantom Planet
5. The Killers
6. The Lonely H

I was lucky enough to catch these guys a couple times in 2006 and at Bumbershoot 2008! I will forever be waiting for The Lashes's return to the scene!

1. Sometimes the Sun
2. A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody
3. Dear Hollywood
4. Please Please Please

Have a toe-tappin', headbangin' weekend friends!

Peace, Love, & Rock n' Roll,

Friday, April 12, 2013

BOTW #13 - Sea Wolf

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Alex Brown Church of Sea Wolf, fully equipped
with flannel and guitar in hand.
Most kids would cringe in embarrassment if someone found out that they listened to the same music as their parents. On the contrary, my mom has awesome taste in alternative rock (specifically bands in the mellow-alt-rock club) and I'm glad to say that she introduced me to this week's BOTW, Sea Wolf!

Alex Brown Church played in various musical projects before breaking out to start Sea Wolf so that he could focus on his own individual sound. Although originally from LA, he totally "sounds like Seattle," and this is probably influenced by his demo sessions in Sea-Town with Phil Ek (Phil also worked with some hometown favorites like The Shins, Band of Horses, and Fleet Foxes). Alex Brown Church, or "ABC" as I like to call him, provides everything a mellow/alt-rock/Seattle-esque band should, i.e. a unique vocal timbre, strum-y acoustic guitars, subtle synth and strings, and constant drum patterns. A Sea Wolf record is the kind of record you can put on at any time of day, and it will provide great vibes whether you are driving in your car, doing homework, require some background tunes, or feel the need to soundtrack your organic fair trade coffee and hipster poetry session.

Since Sea Wolf's record label debut in 2007, he has released three solid albums full of endearing vocals and indie instrumentals. I totes recommend checking them out!

ABC, Mom, and I at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard! 
See him live! There's something about the live performance that can make or break your fandom for an artist. Sea Wolf definitely is one of those bands that becomes MORE awesome after a show. Alex's vocals have become so much stronger and you get an emotional performance that can't be replicated in a studio.

Favorite Album: Hands down, my fave record from Sea Wolf is the 2007 release, "Leaves in the River."

Favorite Jams: "Middle Distance Runner," "You're a Wolf,"Wicked Blood," "Old Friend"

Have a rockin' mellow weekend my friends.

Peace, Love, & Rock n' Roll,

Thursday, April 4, 2013

BOTW #12 - The Bronx / Mariachi El Bronx

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Imagine yourself eating at your favorite locally-famous neighborhood taco truck run by a few hipsters. I am pretty sure that the dudes of "The Bronx" / "Mariachi El Bronx" would run a business as such if they weren't already out playing their punk+classic rock jams half of the time and playing their mariachi-infused punk rock jams the other half of the time!

The Bronx is a band that hails from Los Angeles who has made quite a name for themselves. Releasing six full length albums to this date (Four under the name The Bronx and two under Mariachi El Bronx), fans of "The Warped Tour" crowd will totally dig their stuff! Each track they produce gives off a mixture classic rock influence and punk rock angst through driving guitars, catchy riffs, fearless vocals, and beats that make you want to enter the next air drumming contest! I first heard of these guys through their mariachi alter-ego band, Mariachi El Bronx, several years ago when they played as Conan's music guest. I was instantly hooked (probably due to my shameless love of anything distantly reminiscent of marching band, i.e. ska, mariachi, etc.).  Although The Bronx may not always be easily identified by the average listener, I am pretty sure there is no other band out there that can pull off a mariachi band with punk rock vocals this well.

With that, I will leave you to some of their best hits. The Bronx/Mariachi El Bronx are definitely your go-to-guys if you ever want some quality punk/classic rock/mariachi music to soundtrack your life!

When you're in a punk rock mood:
The Bronx - The Unholy Hand

When you're in a mariachi mood:
Mariachi El Bronx - 48 Roses

¡Adios amigos! Until next time. (:

Peace, Love, & Rock n' Roll,