Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BOTW #5 - New Politics

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Happy Hump Day! 

This week's BOTW, NEW POLITICS, will surely cure your mid-week blues with their upbeat, rock-along songs.  

Thanks to my local alternative radio station, 107.7 The End, I became acquainted with "Harlem", their extremely catchy new single.  If Hot Hot Heat and The Strokes came together to write a song, I am positive it would sound like "Harlem".  With the megaphone vocal filters, contagious dance-rock melodies, and air-drummable beats, headbanging and singing ruthlessly in your car is inevitable.  

New Politics' self-titled debut album was released in 2010.  You can expect to find 10 quality songs that are danceable alt-rock infused with some Beastie Boy-esque raps and happier-Nirvana-esque quitar riffs (i.e. "Yeah Yeah Yeah", "Love is a Drug", "Dignity").  

These Danish rockers have definitely made a mark in the American alt/indie rock scene and I am stoked to get my hands on their second LP/see them live!

A-Tran's Top New Politics Jams:
1. Harlem

2. Love is a Drug

3. Yeah Yeah Yeah

If you like _____, you'll love New Politics!
1. Hot Hot Heat
2. The Strokes
3. Hard-fi
4. Kaiser Chiefs 
5. The Caesars
6. Beastie Boys
7. The Bravery
8. Bloc Party
9. Passion Pit

Currently on Tour...
w/ Twenty One Pilots.. and they aren't stopping in Seattle ):

Peace, Love, & Rock n' Roll,

Side Note: When I did a Google image search of "New Politics band", Beyonce came up the 4th row down. She really is the Queen.

...New Politics just replied to me on Twitter, NBD! 3/14/13

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